Version Release date Size Download link Notes
1.0.10 July. 1st, 2012 434MB Download Full package. EXEs + data. upgrade August, 2nd, 2012 12MB Download Upgrade package. EXEs only.
Can be applied to v0.9.10 or later.

System requirements:


Release notes (1.0.10):

- (.1311) Fixed buffer error loading some hand histories
- (.1310) Added 90/180-player payouts to common payouts menu
- (.1310) Better logic reading game structure from PokerStars hand histories
- (.1310) Fixed possible buffer overrun parsing some PartyPoker hand histories
- (.1307) Fixed problem parsing some HEM/Merge hand histories
- Added options to control PSM simulation depth.
- Up to 2 computers can now be activated from a single license key.
- Added 2-sigma band display on EV-RMSD graph.
- Added options panel to control "Brazil band" (EV-RMSD) display
- Hands in EV graph now sorted by EV
- Game menu actions now automatically trigger "Edit Mode"
- Ctrl+V will paste HH directly into edit panel from clipboard
- Ctrl+Shift+V will automatically paste and solve HH from clipboard
- Added support for Holdem Manager "Hand History Viewer" hand histories
- Some performance enhancements for multi-core CPUs
- Hotkeys now correctly disabled when sub-dialog displayed

Old notes:

- Faster, more accurate equilibiurm calculations. *Much* faster solving games with large number of payouts.
- PokerStars lockout mechanism. Games may not be "solved" if a PokerStars client is open.
- Added "rotate stacks" menu commanand and hotkeys (ctrl + left/right arrow)
- added "Text Output" tab
- Payout entry fields supports floating point numbers
- Optimized UI/graphics for equities in the scale of 100
- Ongame HH parser can handle names with spaces now
- Improved equilibrium calculation accuracy
- More effecient threading system
- Support for PartyPoker hand histories
- Restored performance when solving hands with a large number of payout positions
- More forgiving hardware ID and licence validation
- Improved thread concurrency. Significant performance increase; especially on systems with 4 or more CPU cores.
- Set range% via edit box on range picker dialog.
- Double-click to select/apply game from HH file import dialog
- CPU/GPU system imformation displayed on About dialog
- Added support for Merge Network rules for simultaneous bust-outs
- Fixed: "odd" chip sometimes awarded to wrong player after tied pots
- Fixed: incorrect seating order from PokerStars imported hand histories
- Fixed: crash when parsing some iPoker hand histories
- (.1001) Fixed: equilibirum ranges sometimes not stable when EP push ranges equal 100%
- (.913) More resiliant communication with license key activation server
- Added support for iPoker hand histories
- Data files shared in memory between multiple program instances
- Swapped position of BB and SB on game setup panel
- Fixed: PokerStars hand histories where a player's name contained a space were not read correctly
- Added support for Ongame hand histories
- Added trial period splash screen
- UI functions that edit game details are prevented when not in edit mode
- Fixed: some variations of PokerStars hand histories not parsed correctly
- Fixed: some ranges not editable on Details View
- details view now shows total EV for action, instead of fraction of total tree
- Added import hand history file support (Pokerstars, Everleaf, Cassava)
- Added "Paste in" hand history support
- Added support for SSE4
- added new color options and palette customization
- performance improvements to equilibrium convergence
- Fixed: table view doesnt always update correctly after editing/solving new hand
- Fixed: blind position for future hands when both big/small blind eliminated not always correct
- Fixed: "one blind" button was missing
- Added ability to check for latest version from menu (Help->Check For Update)
- Added check for update on startup (can be disabled from menu Tools->Options)
- Better feedback on successful license activation
- Fixed: Trial period would not start correctly on some systems

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