Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How is SnG Solver different than other tournament calculators?

A: SnG Solver thrives where other programs fall flat on their faces. Super short stacks, out of position situations, bubble spots, etc... SnG Solver continues to give mathematically solid analysis without the need for awkward "fudge factors".

Q: Does it handle split pots correctly?

A: Yes. SnG Solver correctly handles all split pot situations... even the 13 different 3-way pot possiblities.

Q: What about when two players bust in the same hand?

A: Yes, thats handled correctly too. SnG Solver knows the player that started the hand with the most chips gets the higher finish position. If two players had the same chip count, the prize equity is split properly.

Q: When can I get it?

A: You can download a FREE 30-day trial right now, right here.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: SnG Solver is $99 (USD).

Q: What is ICM?

A: The "Independant Chip Model" (ICM) is an attempt to quantify the concept that tournament chips do not directly equate to prize money. The standard ICM is based on formulas for handicapping horse races and does not account for moving blinds, player position or other strategy concepts that are important in poker.

Q: What is Predictive Simulation?

A: Invented by Jason Keeney, the developer of SnG Solver, the Predictive Simulation Model (PSM) is an algorithm to calculate money equity from tournament chips. It is the first real, practical improvement to chip equity estimation since Mason Malmuth wrote about it over 20 years ago. By considering player and blind positions and simulating millions of future "what-if" situations per hand, Predictive Simulation generates equity estimations that are vastly superior to ICM.

Q: Can I import a hand from a hand history file?

A: Yes! You can either paste a hand from the clipboard or direct SnG Solver to open an entire hand history file and pick the hand you're interested in. SnG Solver supports hand histories from most popular online poker sites including PokerStars, Party Poker, iPoker, Ongame Network, Everleaf, Cassava, and more. If you have a hand history file that isnt currently supported, pass it along to to get it supported in a future update.

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